Are you a “Plotter” or “Pantser”?

  • February 18, 2019

I've started writing a new book, a sequel to INDICTED.  I plan my novels a fair bit before opening the word document and typing 'Chapter 1'.  For this one, I'm trying a slightly different approach.  I already know the characters, and I've roughed out a plot.  I don't have a chapter by chapter breakdown.  I'm trying to write the first draft with minimal planning (by my standards).  

Why?  Well, for starters, I read a lot about other authors like Lee Child just sitting down and writing out a book.  They discuss how they let the characters take them through the story and are often surprised by what happens.  

I like the control of having it plotted, but there is something enticing about writing freely, and trying to tap into the unconscious mind and tell the story that sits just below the surface.  I've written a few chapters, and, while I think they need some tightening up, they sure came easy.  Once I got going, the writing seemed to flow, and indeed I was surprised by a few things that characters said.  I might be onto something...